Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tithonia and Beans Documentation

Heads up, this post is just documenting what and where I planted a lot of seeds recently. Pretty perfunctory.

I planted apacket of seeds of Tithonia rotundifolia (Mexican Sunflower) 

Along the edge of the grass, on the south of the lot, all the way around to the BBQ area. I planted a seed in the middle of every concrete border section.

Also, I planted a few seeds out front, on the east side, in a basin where an agave didn't make it, 

Or I had an emitter with no plant on it,

I planted 2 small segment of pedalanthus macrocarpus and a pup of the agave desmettiana in a spot where an agave didn't survive.

Now, as for the rattlesnake beans, I planted a lot of them around the yard, wherever I thought I'd have a place for them to climb,

By the grape trellis

Up the tiki torch pole,

Up the sissou tree,

Or up the palm tree.

I also planted some zinnia seeds, many different varieties. They've all started to sprout recently.
By the garden

by the middle sissou, 

By the pomegranate.

I realized the other day that I didn't get any of the octopus agaves, agave vilmoriniana, I've potted to take. Around our neighborhood dozens of them flowered in May and June and they are an agave species that produces bulbils on their bloom spike. I've been guerrilla gardening them throughout the path of our morning walk, since there are thousands of them and some day the landscapers are just going to throw the stalk away. 
I potted 10 bulbils, 8 here I'm keep outside, in the east side shade where they will also get watered with lawn. 

I noticed the only one I do have from a few months ago has really done well since I moved it under the hanging flowers where it gets watered twice daily from runoff.

I also potted 2 for indoors in this great new pot Lori bought recently. The middle pot had some cuttings from the burro's tail, sedum morganianum.

I brought the succulent outside yesterday to see if it could handle the heat, but in the shade. I'd really like it to be outside. I've read that it doesn't tolerate strong heat, so I'm watching it closely.

I also potted the miniature aloe. It's an aloe hawothiodes or aloe descoingsii or a hybrid.

I found some seeds in downtown Phoenix urban permaculture display, and planted them in the hanging pot, they've sprouted. The pedilanthus macrocarpus is another propagation I did yesterday.

Finally, just an update photo of my other propagations.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Three Sisters Garden

Coming home I was excited to see the corn all sprouted, except about 10 of the 60 I planted.

Last night I planted white tepary beans by the every other corn mound. The other corn mounds I planted with rattlesnake green beans. The beans will climb the corn stalks and support them from the winds.
In between the corn mounds (5 corn mounds per row, 4 seeds per mound) I planted 3 different squash-like plants, Tohono O'Odham squash, yellow flesh watermelon, and dipper gourds. Each mound had only one species, 3 seeds each. Then diagonally the same seed in the next row. So I have 5 mounds for each species.
Something I'm excited about is I found a beautiful bloomed agave perryi "artichoke" and planted the seeds in a little home greenhouse and they sprouted right before we left.

Right before we left I planted some seeds from a few agave geminiflora blooming over by Wal-Mart at Pinnacle Peak and Lake Pleasant Pkwy.

Now I have tons of small sprouted agave seeds and not sure how to get them from seedlings to viable plants!

Another thing, right before we left I stopped by a nursery in Wickenburg, Cactus Ranch Garden and Nursery. It was the best nursery I've ever seen, by far. The owner Gilbert is creating a museum, and I'm pretty sure some of his customers have no idea what kind of amazing place he has there, other than it's beautifully designed.

I bought a pedalanthis macrocarpis (slipper plant), I put in the ground this morning

and a fire barrel cactus.

He gave me a cutting from a specimen succulent arrangement he has that is rare and gorgeous. Here's an image I found courtesy of this site, it's not exactly how Gilbert had it arranged, but close:

I'm excited to go back up with Lori and wander around with her there. I was so overwhelmed by the spectacle he has I didn't think to document it for the blog.

The heat also did it's damage while we were gone.

The red hibiscus I've been nursing along in hospice care finally checked out. Hopefully the roots are still alive and I can cut the dead wood off and let it come back.

Tragically, one of my very favorite agaves, the variegated attenuata burned up, and I'm pretty sure it's toast.

We hardly knew ye fox tail. Hopefully you will have just enough energy to sucker a new one.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Athens Day 6

We decided to finally take Lycabetos Hill on foot.
It does loom large over the city and our hotel.

The hillside is covered in New World plants, agave and cactus.

A good view of the hill, and agaves in bloom, and the beautiful family.

Along the way, places to rest and take pictures.

Impressive view

A good look at the cactus and agave. And Zach being silly! 

Agave stalks in bloom.

The view from the top.

A panoramic view (if possible)

After hiking down, we watched the parliamentary changing of the guard ceremony. 

Turns out military service is obligatory, but they only need to serve eighteen months)

Friday, July 10, 2015

Athens Day 5

We took it easy today. The kids went shopping again at the plaka with little trinkets and stuff. Then we took a cab out to the beach again in glyfada.

On our way back in we took a cab to the subway station and took the subway in. The anti Euro demonstrators were converging peacefully in Syntagma square.

Here's a video:

It filled up pretty quickly with thousands of demonstrators. We wanted to get a better view.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Athens Day 4

Today was one of my favorite days traveling. 

Breakfast at the hotel with the Parthenon as our view.

Bank ATM machine line.

The Parthenon from the Agora (which was my favorite place candidly)

Temple of Hephaestus

The stoa

From the second story of the stoa.

Mars hill from the bible fame.

In the new museum of the Acropolis.

The Acropolis through Hadrian's arch.

We went back out for shopping at the Plaka and had gyros al fresca, bought our gifts and souvenirs, wandered the city. There was a pro euro demonstration near the hotel in Syntagma square, but nothing drastic.